With 6 amazing spaces on board already (Work Nicer, The Collective 1212, ReSourceYYC, EFFECTIV, Assembly Coworking Space and The Commons), the Calgary Coworking Alliance is off to a great start! We are working together to promote the coworking concept in Calgary, showcase the diversity of our spaces and deliver a greater experience for small business owners. If you are the owner of a coworking space and would like to join the Alliance, we’d be happy to work with you! Submit your space today and we’ll reach out with further details.

Our website offers a simple way for freelancers, consultants and small businesses to find coworking spaces that fit their needs. Peruse a variety of spaces at your fingertips, your one-stop-shop to co-working in Calgary.

What does the Calgary Coworking Alliance stand for?

1. Influence

 By working together, requests to government and other entities (ie. health benefits) now leverage combined influence of multiple businesses comprising 75,000 sq/ ft of space and over 600+ members across the city.

2. Volunteer Force

 Building a volunteer force that would positively impact our respective neighbourhoods.