Everyone has their own definition of what a coworking space. To me a coworking space is an environment that I can go to in order to be 100% more productive, to escape the the distractions of my home and to connect into a group of my peers who keep me motivated throughout the week. To others, a coworking space can be any number of things. It can be a place to work at weird hours. A place to meet friends. A part of a schedule. A place to network and meet people.

Regardless of why you come to a coworking space, it is important to make sure that the space you choose is best able to support you in achieving your goals and meeting your needs. Thankfully, each coworking space is unique in it’s own way.


The Collective 12|12 is a coworking space by entrepreneurs for entrepreneurs. We started in 2012 when starting our first big startup and deciding we wanted to create a community of our peers and friends to share in the journey we were undertaking. We thus found a space in scenic Inglewood and dragged in a few desks and got to work!


Since then, we have been to coworking spaces around the world seeing the cool things they have done, meeting amazing people and trying to incorporate the best of what we have found. In particular, we really like a lot of the things we are seeing in San Francisco and London and have incorporated their ethos and personality into our space. We have come a long way, but at our core we are still the same. We are just a space full of geeks looking to build some really awesome companies and have a few shared lessons learned in the process.


This is one example of a single coworking space in Calgary. There are many more out there. Each with their own personality and awesome people to meet. I highly suggest you check out as many as you can to find the right one for you! That being said, if you are a scrappy startup looking to jump into an office space and build something amazing, drop us a line. 🙂