Are you a work-from-home freelancer starving for social connections and steady workflow? Are you a professional consultant looking for the occasional office space to drop in to catch up on some work after meetings? Are you a startup looking for a cool boardroom to pitch your great new opportunity?

There are many different reasons and motivations for people to choose a coworking space. The underlying drivers are all rooted in a social and financial basis. People need to connect with each other to survive. They also need to make an income.

The networking potential, the amenities of the space, and the opportunities to grow a business with fellow associates and staff all create the right ingredients to flourish. Coworking space members are most often self-employed, however employees of other members within the space and employees of corporations outside of the region are also commonly found in the coworking environment.

The ideal coworking member is someone who has a mindset to connect with others and contribute to a community that becomes greater as a result of its members helping each other. They are willing to refer business, help others in exchange for help, and build positive relationships.

At EFFECTIV, we have built an incredible community of software developers, data scientists, designers, startups and more. We all work together and we have all benefited from the like-minded environment. Our ideal coworking member is someone who loves technology and is not afraid of the occasional foosball game! Every coworking space is different, with their own niche and clientele so it is important to research to understand the personality and best fit for your needs. Have fun!

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