The Calgary Coworking Alliance was founded by The Bridge, EFFECTIV, and Work Nicer Coworking. The Alliance is built on the three initial foundational pillars of Collaboration, Comarketing and Advocacy.

Collaboration: Collaboration is the new competition. We believe the most important part of Coworking is the “Co” part. Alliance Members are putting our money where our mouth is by working together, sharing best practices, resources, and connections.

Comarketing: The Alliance believes that by working together to market what Coworking is truly all about is key to progressing the Coworking movement in Calgary. By building awareness around Coworking in general we believe that we all win.

Advocacy: Together we represent hundreds of members across tens of thousands of square feet in Calgary. By working collectively we are able to direct our influence where our members need it most.

Joining the Alliance is simple.

  • Full Voting Membership is open to any owner of a Calgary based Coworking community.
  • Acceptance into the Alliance is based on a majority vote of the current voting membership.
  • In the event a space is not accepted into the Alliance, a clear reason as to why will be provided to the applicant.
  • Alliance Members agree to place a member badge on their website and in a visible location in their space.
  • The Alliance meets monthly on the third Wednesday at 6:00pm. Members are expected to attend regularly.
  • Each owner is permitted an absence twice annually and an employee-substitute four times annually. An absent owner’s vote will be applied to majority and an employee substitute is permitted to vote on the owners behalf.
  • Owners are welcome to have any employee accompany them as a guest to the monthly meetings.
  • Voting Membership is limited to one per space and is $100/month. These funds are used to not only Comarket, but also cover costs of meetings, websites, etc.

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